Why American Manufacturing

Southwest Composite Works believes in American Manufacturing. We believe in supporting our families, our community, and our economy from the beginning stages of manufacturing, to the end results of a final production line.

It's more than just buying locally, it's supporting those that work within the freedoms of livable wages, human rights, and sustainable career paths. Crafted by American workers. Your people, your community. This means that it is not only our goal to be experts in composite materials, we also aim to be experts in the entire process of the manufacturing. We do this by promising 4 pillars of work to effectively design a product that will exceed the standards of our clients - all while supporting the stability and longevity of our economy and nation.

Product Development

Have a product you want to bring to life? We'll work with you to design and produce your vision. Concept to completion - that's a promise.

Design and Engineering

We're a team of engineers geared to combine creativity with precision development. From design to manufacturing - we can do it all!

Cost Effective Solutions
Cost-effective and timely, we will create a hands-on process to ensure a long-term solution to your product and budget.
American Made Innovations

Crafted by American workers

So join us and support American Made

Contact us today and bring your idea to life!

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