Manufacturing is in our DNA.

Manufacturing a Family Legacy

At Southwest Composite Works, we are driven to create lightweight performance solutions for your everyday products.

Founded in 2014 by John Groth, Southwest Composites comes from generations of manufacturing knowledge and a passion for quality products and innovative solutions. As a division of Southwest Pattern Works which was established in 1994, Southwest Composites debuted composite technology, specifically carbon fiber, to the Albuquerque area and provides concept-to-completion composite services to a fast-growing market. With decades of experience in hand, we can identify cost-effective composite solutions that are produced right - the first time.

Manufacturing is in our DNA. Groth’s father and three brothers are in the industry, the experience, insight, and credibility are evident in the products and services. As a division of Southwest Pattern Works, a longstanding Albuquerque company that has focused on pattern making and tooling for diverse industries over the past two decades, Southwest Composites is capable of assisting your company with all aspects of product development, design, manufacturing, tooling, R&D, materials and process application.

Catering to both the private and public sector, we focus on advanced composites technology to provide concept-to-completion service for product development, value-priced engineering, and manufacturing services. It employs advanced composite materials, tooling, and processes for manufacturing, offering customers a broad range of competitive alternatives for high-performance improvements to existing and new product lines for the 21st century.



What You'll Get Working with Southwest Composite Works

We'll shape your vision with the highest quality in mind