Composite Manufacturing


At Southwest Composite Works, we have a wide variety of manufacturing processes available for your product. With an experienced team of craftsmen, we use our years of knowledge and expertise to recommend the best way to optimize the manufacturing process for your project.

Automated Composite Ply Cutting

Cutting composite materials for different layup processes is done with precision and reliability on the automated composite cutting machine.

CNC Trimming and Finishing of Molded Parts

In the post-processing stage, the team will enact trimming, finishing, and quality control in order to ensure each part is conforming.

Bonding and Assembly

Adhesive bonding is a manufacturing process that involves the use of adhesive to join two or more surfaces.

CNC Composite Billet Machining

A factor that comes up when considering tooling for composite machining is the material's abrasive nature. That is why we use billet machining.