Product Development & Prototyping

Product Development & Prototyping can be a daunting step for a lot of businesses, but here at Southwest Composites, we guide you through these steps by having optimized specifications and processes. This helps mitigate the risk before a finished product is ready to be produced.

Composite Applications Engineering

Southwest Composite Works can engineer processes, molds, fixtures, and products in order to conform and work with composite materials and techniques.

Experts in the Selection of Processes

Choosing the right composite material/process for your project can be a lot of work. There are many factors to consider in order to get it right and we are experts in the selection process.

CAD and Design Consulting

Southwest Composite Works engineering consulting team is specialized in mechanical, reverse, static analysis, product design, drafting, and value services.

Idea to Finished Product Collaboration

We will collaborate closely with you to assure timely and high quality final products. With experience in many industries, we have an expert knowledge base that will be present throughout the collaboration process.