As a full-service company, we can help you with all aspects of product development, design, manufacturing, tooling, and R&D.

Southwest Composites uses advanced carbon fiber technology to produce high-quality composite products for businesses in the private and public sectors. We offer alternatives that can result in more competitive pricing and recommend improvements to new and existing product lines that can produce a higher level of performance.

We are a full-service machine shop that brings decades of hands-on experience to every step of the process and offers peace of mind that your project will be done right.

What We Can Do

Here at Southwest Composites, we have comprehensive composite knowledge essential for your product's innovation. We will work side by side with you to understand your project objectives, including any part requirements (i.e. mechanical and structural performance requirements), target unit cost, production schedule plan, and timelines.

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Compression Molding

Compression molding is a process by which you place material into a mold cavity and apply pressure and heat to form shaped materials. Compression molding allows for the provision of large parts, there is extremely low to zero residual stress left in stock shape, and tooling costs are relatively low making it an attractive process.

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Design & Engineering

Here at Southwest Composites, we have 100+ years of combined experience in tooling design and development. We're experts in reverse engineering, tooling design, component design, and more!

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Product Development & Prototyping

Product development & prototyping can be a daunting step for a lot of businesses, but here at Southwest Composites, we guide you through these steps by having optimized specifications and processes. This helps mitigate the risk before a finished product is ready to be produced.

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Composite Manufacturing

At Southwest Composites, we have a wide variety of manufacturing processes available for your product. With an experienced team of craftsmen, we use our years of knowledge and expertise to recommend the best way to optimize the manufacturing process for your project.

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Precision Machining

Southwest Composites utilizes 3 AXIS CNC Machining Centers to produce, prototype, or manufacture components to your exact specifications.

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The two components of a composite include a reinforcement (often a high-performance fiber such as carbon or glass) and a matrix (such as epoxy polymer). The matrix binds the reinforcement together to merge the benefits of both original components.




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