Design & Engineering

Here at Southwest Composites, we have over 100 years of combined experience in tooling design and development.

Reverse Engineering of Legacy Product into CAD

Reverse engineering is the multi-step process of creating 3D CAD data from existing products for reproduction, design improvements, and retooling. We can use reverse engineering to create a file from a legacy drawing, such as re-creation in SOLIDWORKS.

Composite Tooling Design

Southwest Composite Works tooling produces quality and repeatable parts. Our tooling design includes mold, die, and mandrel tooling design for a variety of composite processes: layup, vacuum infusion, vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding, resin transfer molding, and more.

Component Design

Component design for manufacturing includes designing objects for efficient assembly, the standardization of materials and components, reducing the number of parts, and minimizing the amount of manufacturing operations required on parts during assembly. This is done by designing components for ease of manufacturing.

Custom Design Capabilities

Our Southwest Composite Works staff will work with you to design, solve, and manufacture custom products. Your custom manufacturing & design solution with 100+ years of experience providing cost-effective build to print/specification, calibration, and design services.