Lightweight. Durable. Carbon fiber is a low-density material with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that carbon fiber is incredibly tough and light, five times stronger than steel and 43% lighter than aluminum, making it perfect for manufacturing applications. 

At the core of carbon fiber, and its praised properties is its unique structure: carbon atoms are bonded together to form crystals that are then aligned parallel to the long axis of the organic fiber. Mimicking that of yarn, these fibers are made up of thousands of extremely thin carbon strands that are interwoven together. This unique composition and production largely contribute to its indispensable properties! 

From lightweight versatility to durability, energy absorption, and sleek appearance, carbon fiber offers numerous manufacturing benefits and is ideal for virtually anything.

    • Drones
    • Ankle foot orthotics (AFOs)
    • Electrical parts
    • Medical accessories
    • Windmills/solar accessories
    • Pickleball paddles
    • Backpack frames
    • Canoe paddles
    • Sports equipment
    • and more!

    You name it and it can be made from carbon fiber!

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