The Team

John Groth

Chief Maker and Complete Manufacturing Genius

Mold and tool making is the only profession John has ever known. His three brothers and father are all in MFG, it’s in his DNA. John and his team make great molds. The business was founded in 1994 and that experience is obvious, they really know what they’re doing.

Edgar, Project Lead

Edgar is from Glendale, CA and has been in the industry for 7 years. He enjoys the newer technology and loves geeking out on composite creations!

Ralph, Manual Machinist

Ralph is a jack of all trades and has spent over 60 years in the industry. He is 82 years old and as spunky as ever. He loves to create!

Wilson, CNC Machinist

Wilson is from Madison, WI. He's a bike enthusiast and loves implementing the technology into his passions!

Will, CNC Machinist

Will is a Veteran and an Albuquerque local. He enjoys working with CAD software and having new projects each day!


Sergio, Technician

Sergio is an Albuquerque Local with 9 years in the industry. He loves that every project is different!

Chris, Technician

Chris is a Veteran and an Albuquerque local. He loves the variety of composite applications in many different industries!

Carley, Office Administrator

Carley was raised in New Mexico and has been in an administrative role since 2000. She loves learning new and different things in various job areas, as well as serving the composites and cast metals industries.